Simon Waldron Earthmoving operates a wide range of machinery.

We are committed to providing only the highest standard of work, offering a personal service and local knowledge to our region. What this means to you is that we can make any job – cost effective and on time! We offer a broad range of services in the Domestic, Commercial and Civil Sectors.

truck and bulldozer
  • Excavators ranging in size from 1.5 ton to 30 ton.
  • Five truck and trailer units, tipulators and small trucks.
  • Three Graders. 20 tonne six wheel drive 19 tonne and 12 tonne
  • Rollers 12 tonne and 4 tonne.
  • 22 Tonne bulldozer
  • 42 Tonne bulldozer
  • Moxy Dump trucks up to 30 Tonne payload
  • fully automated 3D dozers diggers and tracked loaders
  • Top Con GPS Guidance
  • Heavey Haulage units Up to 45 Tonne
  • Loaders 20 tonne 10 tonne 7 tonne
  • Tractor with front end loader levelling blade and a rotary hoe.
  • Screening and crushing plant.
  • Bobcat with 4 in 1 bucket pallet forks blade and a concrete breaker
  • All sorts of ancillary equipment.
  • Bulk haulage units