Simon Waldron Portfolio imageThe new Farmers extension (Henderson Building Ltd.)

Work involved: Excavation for Two Stories Below Ground (up to 7 meters deep.) backfilling founds etc demolition and removal of concrete wall slabs etc. new asphalt to car parks curbing painting lines etc.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageThe New Sophia Street Carpark (C. Lund and Sons)
And Timaru District Council.

Work involved: Excavation of footings and basement areas backfilling founds etc. Carpark preparation and sealing curbing and Kerb and channel Painting carpark lines and supply and placement of wheel stops.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageWashdyke Energy Centre (Henderson Building ltd.)

Work involved: excavation of coal bunker at 6.5 m deep. De Watering @ approx 4500 liters per min striping site and removal of organic strip site and removal of soil excavation of site supply of road entrance ways, Dish Channels for drainage, excavation and building of swale drains excavation of footings and pads for boilers and plant backfilling of car park areas and forming roadway into site.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageDairy Conversion (St. Andrews Dairy Ross Rathgen)

Work involved: Excavation for Shed and yard. Backfill same form lanes and gravel same. Lime to lanes etc remove stumps and fill gullies lay irrigation pipe and pull in stock water with dozer. Design and build effluent pond.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageCopy Fast Timaru, on Sophia Street – Ian Wooffindin

Work involved: Demolition of old Two storey building separating from buildings at rear and side. Excavation of footings and formation of new car park curbing painting lines etc.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageBenmore Dam upgrade (Tasman Design and civil ) Transpower.

Work involved: Removal of ballast excavation and stockpile of material 5600 m3 Preparation of bed for new underground oil tanks backfilling of tanks removal of excess fill off site replacement of ballast.

Simon Waldron Portfolio imageLone Star Timaru.

Work involve demolition foundation works car park formation kerbing car park marking etc.

St Andrews Dairy

Installation of new stock underpass and lane re-shaping

Temuka Kerb and Channel Replacement

Excavation of kerb and channel backfilling and compaction of road etc.

Springstone School Christchurch

Site works and preparation for new classrooms

Girls High (Ranger Construction)

Demolish Several classroom blocks, spread soil to the above and Re-sow in new grass.
Fill in pool,excavate for new buildings.
Form car park and driveway and hot mix.

Deveth Farms.

Install new culverts track and lane maintenance build new effluent ponds.

Levels Farming co.

Tree removal trenching for power and water fence line tiding 42 tonne dozer re-shaping hills for centre pivots.Form new tracks and gravel them.

Raincliff Station. and Alvin Reid

Build a water gallery plant used 26 Tonne excavator, 20 tonne loader and screening plant.Excavate trenches at 7 m deep pump water with our 6 inch de watering pump screen stones and backfill trench with boulders and re soil etc.

Timaru Business Hub Pre Demolition
Timaru Business hub During Demolition

Timaru Business hub before & during Demolition

Over and above this we are involved in Urban Kerb and Channel replacement and roading construction. We are involved in housing projects including excavation footings ,backfill preparation ready for concrete floors. Driveway construction, sealing etc. also landscaping rock walls etc. We do a wide variety of rural work including stump removal gorse clearing farm maintenance tracking etc.

We have been involved in the Christchurch Earthquake recovery included in these works were stop bank reconstruction and metal cartage etc.